Thursday, May 3, 2012

Removing BlackBerry Port From LWUIT

Dear LWUIT developers,

We have an important notice for you. As of May 3rd, we are removing the BlackBerry port and BlackBerry support code from LWUIT's main source trunk and binary file.

We tried hard to resolve third-party licensing issues related to the port, but after months without progress we decided to remove the BlackBerry port from the main trunk and relocate it in LWUIT's incubator source trunk.

Note: We will update you when the BlackBerry port is live.

Here are the details.

1. We are removing the directory Ports/RIM and its subfolders. The subfolder includes IO_RIM and UI_RIM, which contains the following files.

2. We are removing BlackBerry themes from the Resource Editor.

We acknowledge that this change impacts some of you who chose LWUIT because of its multi-platform support. We apologize for any such inconvenience.

Be assured that the Blackberry functionality will soon be available from its new home in the LWUIT incubator source trunk. Watch this blog for further notice.

- LWUIT Team