Monday, February 21, 2011

Put A Face On It

majimob, long known for its music related apps as well as some other LWUIT based endeavors has just released a facebook application written entirely in LWUIT and using LWUIT4IO. The application was written in the new LWUIT GUI builder in record time and features direct access to the facebook API.
The application supports both touch and feature phone interaction, it was designed to work on all mobile phones including blackberries and Android devices (although since Android has a pretty good facebook app there are no current plans for such a version).

Monday, February 14, 2011

Musix Under The Skin

In this video I review the GUI of the musix application in the resource editor shedding some light on how it was implemented using the LWUIT GUI builder.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A Touch Of Musix

This is a preliminary video of the new touch optimized Musix DRM'd media player application from Triplay/majimob deploying on the network of the Israeli operator Pelephone. This is the first commercially available LWUIT application that I know of that was developed entirely in the GUI builder and in fact help us shape allot of the requirements for the GUI builder.
As a beta tester of the GUI builder implementation we worked very closely with the application development and I have full access to the source/UI code. I will try to post a quick walk-through of how the GUI builder was used to create such an application (its even bigger than the video makes it out to be).

Sunday, February 6, 2011

LWUIT Resource Editor Developers Tutorial Part 2 (PSD Tutorial Part 4)

In this part of the LWUIT developer tutorial we go into details of mapping the demo created in the PSD tutorial to actual code that calls LWUIT4IO. We show mapping regular LWUIT components to server REST operations as well as mapping a LWUIT List model to server results.
I committed the code and res file to the lwuit incubator project (notice it has a new SVN URL! There was a minor bug in my code near the end triggering an exception it was due to the for loop adding to the vector before setting the offset for the request. This is fixed in the incubator project.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

LWUIT Resource Editor PSD Tutorial Part 3: Image Search Application

In this part of the resource editor PSD tutorial we take the design and turn it into a simple image search application. I stopped at this cutoff point since the bounds are limitless, I could go on with extracting the dialog UI and various other widgets but hopefully the picture of what can be done with photoshop and some resource editor hacking should be clear from these tutorials.
Next time I will go into details on how to bind this to actual code in the second part of the developer tutorial.