Monday, June 29, 2009

Chat Demo Source Code Now Live

Despite working hard on a new drop I found a couple of minutes to publish the code from JavaOne into the LWUIT incubator. The code is in the SVN there and you can just check it out from SVN using your standard user name and password.

This code demonstrates several things which I hope to get into more in future posts if I have the time... However for now check out the presentation that Chen and myself gave at JavaOne, slightly modified in terms of themes.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

BiDi In LWUIT The Full Story

Ofir just published the full details and a video of bidi in LWUIT.
Head over to his post to read all the fine details in his post covering the subject.
And thanks again to Telmap for this often requested contribution.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Talk With LWUIT - Our JavaOne Demo

Our JavaOne demo is now finally up on youtube in the video to your right. You can also try the live version by going with your phone to however the demo might not work for all devices since we have some network related bugs we just can't track down.

I will try to publish the source code some time next week to allow you to review how exactly we did that. We would also like to place the slides for the presentation so you guys can follow the path of the application creation outlined in the presentation...

In other news we attended the local Java tech day the other day where Ofir Leitner had a cool demo for the Java tech day of the bidi stuff he has developed sponsored by Telmap. He showed off lots of things so I will try not to "steal" his announcement, the cool thing is that Telmap is contributing the code back to LWUIT and we will integrate it as part of LWUIT.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Preparing For A New Drop And JavaOne Demo

A few months before JavaOne everyone in our team is busy preparing for JavaOne related project milestones, a few weeks after JavaOne everyone is still on vacation or coming back from vacation. So we didn't have much of a QA team before/after JavaOne...
That is my personal excuse for not making our JavaOne deadline for the next LWUIT drop, I hope we can make the drop soon enough though.

We also have a video

Sunday, June 7, 2009

JavaOne is finally over but I'm still stuck in SF

Here in an interview I did on the J1 pavilion show floor. We had a session and a BoF and I hope to post more about both of these when I get the time.
Right now I'm somwhat upset since I missed my flight back home due to misreading my e-ticket (how stupid is that...). In the meantime everyone in our team is taking some time off so going ahead with the new release for JavaOne is a no go for now. I hope we can have a drop in the next couple of weeks, there are quite a few bugs in the new LWUIT designer but at least I have a new Lenovo instead of my highly problematic Mac so I can get some work done faster...

Just for a general information for those of you who couldn't attend, we demoed a chat client which we "pimped" to the extreme and we intend to release the full source code and quite a bit of explanation on how exactly we did it via this blog. Now I need to start preparing for Java Developer Days...

Monday, June 1, 2009

Just Arrived At JavaOne

Make sure to sign up to Chen and my sessions TS-3895 if you attend JavaOne, this session is a more detailed "Pimp My LWUIT" sort of session and we guarantee some amusing special effects. We have a new demo made specifically for this talk which will hopefully redefine (again) what people do and attempt to do in LWUIT.
You can also meet and talk with Chen and myself in BOF-4551 that very night which will be less formal and give you time to ask us any questions you might have on your mind.

You can also come and talk to us or other guys within the Java Utopia/ areas in the pavillion. Its a great opertunity to meet lots of other guys working on mobile, embedded and open source within Sun right now.