Monday, June 1, 2009

Just Arrived At JavaOne

Make sure to sign up to Chen and my sessions TS-3895 if you attend JavaOne, this session is a more detailed "Pimp My LWUIT" sort of session and we guarantee some amusing special effects. We have a new demo made specifically for this talk which will hopefully redefine (again) what people do and attempt to do in LWUIT.
You can also meet and talk with Chen and myself in BOF-4551 that very night which will be less formal and give you time to ask us any questions you might have on your mind.

You can also come and talk to us or other guys within the Java Utopia/ areas in the pavillion. Its a great opertunity to meet lots of other guys working on mobile, embedded and open source within Sun right now.


  1. That's a great opportunity to meet you all. I support that you as a mobile developer do not miss this.