Sunday, June 7, 2009

JavaOne is finally over but I'm still stuck in SF

Here in an interview I did on the J1 pavilion show floor. We had a session and a BoF and I hope to post more about both of these when I get the time.
Right now I'm somwhat upset since I missed my flight back home due to misreading my e-ticket (how stupid is that...). In the meantime everyone in our team is taking some time off so going ahead with the new release for JavaOne is a no go for now. I hope we can have a drop in the next couple of weeks, there are quite a few bugs in the new LWUIT designer but at least I have a new Lenovo instead of my highly problematic Mac so I can get some work done faster...

Just for a general information for those of you who couldn't attend, we demoed a chat client which we "pimped" to the extreme and we intend to release the full source code and quite a bit of explanation on how exactly we did it via this blog. Now I need to start preparing for Java Developer Days...

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