Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Talk With LWUIT - Our JavaOne Demo

Our JavaOne demo is now finally up on youtube in the video to your right. You can also try the live version by going with your phone to http://lwuitchat.appspot.com/ however the demo might not work for all devices since we have some network related bugs we just can't track down.

I will try to publish the source code some time next week to allow you to review how exactly we did that. We would also like to place the slides for the presentation so you guys can follow the path of the application creation outlined in the presentation...

In other news we attended the local Java tech day the other day where Ofir Leitner had a cool demo for the Java tech day of the bidi stuff he has developed sponsored by Telmap. He showed off lots of things so I will try not to "steal" his announcement, the cool thing is that Telmap is contributing the code back to LWUIT and we will integrate it as part of LWUIT.

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