Monday, May 25, 2009

Some Recent Videos

This is my 100th post so forgive me if I slack a little with JavaOne coming and some other personal things I'm doing right now... There are several cool you tube videos which people posted in the last couple of months and also some nice news which I didn't really post about. First you should check out the featured app section of the lwuit site. It is hidden away within the site and most people sadly don't notice it, Meirav and Martin worked allot to give it makeover and it looks stunning.

On the right you can see the long awaited walkthrough video from majimob for the MajiPic application and its features. Bellow you can see a great video from Alex showing off a 3D style carousel in LWUIT:

See you guys at JavaOne Chen and Myself will be hosting a session and a BOF on Thurday, Terrence has some nice coverage for what to do at the conference. If you are there you can come meet both Chen and myself in:
TS-3895: Swing Filthy-Rich Clients on Mobile Devices with Lightweight User Interface Toolkit (LWUIT)
BOF-4551: Lightweight User Interface Toolkit (LWUIT): Meet the Developers

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  1. This will be possible in a future release of LWUIT? when we will have a new release of LWUIT?