Monday, February 14, 2011

Musix Under The Skin

In this video I review the GUI of the musix application in the resource editor shedding some light on how it was implemented using the LWUIT GUI builder.


  1. 1. Yes but its not public. Companies are using it for production application so we are pretty committed to keeping the SVN reasonably stable.

    2. Currently the only solution we offer is the constants. In our very long todo list we would like to allow defining text field/vkb localization in the resource editors i18n section.

    3. Thorsten did an amazing job of porting LWUIT in the incubator. He is unaffiliated with Sun/Oracle. He fully contributed his work though and I used that work myself.

  2. My response was that there is no better way right now but we have something planned for the future (no official deadline though).
    I think I posted some source code on how to achieve this in the mailing list a while back.

  3. Hi Shai,

    Can I add UI tab to Resource Editor?I downloaded the latest version and that tab does not appear to me, thanks so much in advance

  4. from where can i download LWUIT Resource Editor Developers, please tell me, and how can i get the latest lwuit SVN and how to convert it to jar file, please help me, i asked these questions many time and every where and i didn't found the answer, i think the only one can answer my question is you shai.

  5. the resource editor is not which i want.
    i want the latest one, which has the gui builder, I mean LWYUI4IO resource editor