Sunday, February 6, 2011

LWUIT Resource Editor Developers Tutorial Part 2 (PSD Tutorial Part 4)

In this part of the LWUIT developer tutorial we go into details of mapping the demo created in the PSD tutorial to actual code that calls LWUIT4IO. We show mapping regular LWUIT components to server REST operations as well as mapping a LWUIT List model to server results.
I committed the code and res file to the lwuit incubator project (notice it has a new SVN URL! There was a minor bug in my code near the end triggering an exception it was due to the for loop adding to the vector before setting the offset for the request. This is fixed in the incubator project.


  1. I need say Thanx

    It is just amazing & wonderful tutorials..please Don't stop Shai

    we need more tutorial about LWUIT4IO ,

    add & explain it in next developer guide

    again Thanx for lwuit team for this lib we love It

    Am finish 3 project by Lwuit in six month :)

    I publish one in OVI store

    That is link

    Mobile Developer
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  2. Hi, it's possible to download lwuit resource editor for windows.
    In Oracle site i download Lwuit_1_5 but there isn't the installer file.

    Best Regards