Sunday, November 23, 2008

Your Own Kind Of Music

Majimob has introduced a new media player this month, what hasn't been stressed was the fact that it is built from the ground up on LWUIT. In less than 3 weeks this new media player was downloaded 200,000 times and the numbers are rising with the 1.1 version released this weekend. You can read allot about MajiPlayer in the site (which I urge you to do) but what might not be as immediately obvious is just how much LWUIT contributed to this unique player... The whole application was written in under 2 months (including version 1.1 which includes major new features), it works on a ridiculously large number of devices as is evident from the getjar statistics for downloads. The main reason for failures in getjar when such occur, is the need for a signing certificate and even that isn't too bad.
The stunning part is that the application utilizes MMAPI, File connector & restricted API's (digital certificate). All of these are especifically notorious in the porting community as porting "problems", yet MajiPlayer is still able to realize LWUITs vision of one jar for all devices. Resources for themes are downloadable on the fly with a rather cool AJAX based theme uploading tool (I understand downloading user generated themes is "in the pipe"), the selection of themes is also impressive for a small application.

This sort of approach allows majimob to utilize the economies of scale thus reducing prices and deriving profits from ads, the advertising integration in the unregistered version of MajiPlayer is unique for mobile phones and utilizes LWUIT extensively.

LWUITs features are used to the max throughout the application in very obvious ways, transitions, progress, dialogs, themes, fonts etc. are all extensively leveraged.

See more videos of MajiPlayer in action here.


  1. hi, the usage of LWUIT is marvelous. All videos make a good demo of LWUIT features.

    BUT... the main feature of a music player is... playing music, choosing songs, creating playlists, etc. That's not shown in the demos. Strange. Marketing a product with "second-ranke" features... but sometimes it seems to work ;-)

  2. one jar for all devices and utilize the MMAPI, File connector & restricted API's ...

    OMG, how to do that? So thirst for learning that...

  3. Hi,

    This application is nice application, with using LWUIT, But

    Sorry to say that, It is not that much user experienced application. Because Application Response is too slow for my Nokia N82 and Nokia 3250. I think these devices are very fast enough processor. May be this application is not optimized with processing power.

    Could you tell me why it is slow on my devices.


  4. Hi, i try to build a similar application but I have an error when displaying video files.
    The same appear to be with MaijPlayer when playing videos.
    Part of the screens (bottom menu and players buttons) becomes black, specially the foreground color of these.
    I'm using the MediaComponent in lwuit 1.2.1 (last svn source) and the same i think is used by the Maijplayer.
    Can you givme some tips about that?


  5. very this an open source?
    can i view the source code of this program?

  6. The application is property of majimob and isn't open source.