Tuesday, March 24, 2009

LWUIT At JavaOne 2009

LWUIT will be featured in 5 different JavaOne 2009 sessions/bof's which is pretty cool considering it will be one year old in the market by then. You can find out all of them by searching for LWUIT in the JavaOne content catalog.
A session & BoF will be presented by myself and Chen, the session will aim to create a more "wow' sort of effect presenting what can be done to create compelling portable UI's in LWUIT. I hope I still have enough tricks up my sleave to impress a jaded audience that already saw the stuff in the blog...
The BoF will probably aim to be a more open discussion although we will try to provide a guiding theme. Other than that there are quite a few other places to see LWUIT in JavaOne including Tamir's session for interactive TV development. Tamir is our "go to guy" for LWUIT on TV/CDC and I'm sure his session will be pretty cool especially if you are thinking of taking your skills into the realm of TV.

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