Sunday, July 19, 2009

Book Club

Biswajit, who I mentioned in this blog before as the author of articles has been writing a LWUIT book for quite some time, this effort is finally turning into a product.

Both Chen and myself are thrilled to see this book coming out, I would love to have a copy but I'm also concerned I will read the descriptions and inadvertently "quote" when writing about LWUIT myself.

This is the first LWUIT book coming out, we are aware of at least one other book coming out at some point in the future (neither book is authored/co-authored by Chen or myself).

Hopefully Biswajit's book will sell well, prompting more LWUIT books in the future...

Roy Ben Hayuns office is right across the hall from us at Sun's SIDC offices. There is probably no one who knows more about Symbian/Java than Roy.
This book came out a while ago but I was just waiting for a "books" post to post about it.

Symbian as a platform has many issues and abilities, unlike most native platforms Symbian allows you to do almost everything from within Java and that gives you a huge edge when targeting leading mobile smartphones.

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