Monday, December 21, 2009

Nuux LWUIT Nightlife Social Application

Ben just posted to the LWUIT mailing list about the nuux application entering beta.

Nuux is a nightlife jukebox with social networking features. For more details you can visit or try out the application on


  1. Very nice application!
    I'm interested how they integrated the maps in the application!
    Is there an API out there which is integratable with J2ME/LWUIT or something?

  2. Is it plane javaME ? or using Symbian API

  3. I don't know how maps are integrated on Nuux, but there is an open source project called gvSIG Mini, based on LWUIT to show maps on J2ME.

  4. Currently this application is running the Nutiteq Map:
    it's a very good Map SDK for javaME ;)