Sunday, April 4, 2010

Biswajit Sarkar Talking About J2ME & LWUIT

With the current holidays around here and quite a bit of work I didn't keep up the blog as I probably should. I'll try to get back into posting soon when everything calms down around here. While waiting for me to get my act together here is a talk that Biswajit Sarkar (author of the LWUIT 1.1 book) gave at the IndicThreads conference in India.
This talk is mostly for introduction to J2ME development and covers LWUIT among many of the subjects mentioned.
Its probably too introductory level for most of the readers of this blog, however it might be very useful to pass along to colleagues as a means of introducing them to J2ME/LWUIT. Biswajit is as usual very thorough in his details which is always important when discussing something as elaborate as mobile development.


  1. Hi there.
    I have been into J2me world like 3 years ago but since then i did not had too much with it.
    Nowdays I need to develop an application that will be based i hope on j2me and LWUIT.
    Main ideea of the app is an agent to be able to download the real stock on this phone (10000 products) and to create orders that are sent in real time back to headquaters.
    My concern is can LWUIT handle 10000 items in a list or table ?
    Nowdays RMS permit to store such "large information" and to retrive that fast enough ?
    Thank you for your wonderfull product!

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  3. You can check out Shai's post demonstrating LWUIT easily handling 1,000,000 entries in a list: