Thursday, August 5, 2010

LWUIT 1.4 Finally Released

Its taken some time since our intended release date and by not allot has changed in the SVN but the 1.4 binary release is finally official! Get it here.

This release is very important since it marks our first release under Oracle which will hopefully make the next LWUIT release smoother now that we understand the process.

This is mostly a stability and bug fix release with the major feature being the new XHTML component which includes CSS support. Besides that we finally have a multi-line text field, allowing lightweight customizable input to span more than one line. We also added tools to customize the LWUIT VKB for some advanced use cases. Last but not least we introduced some more advanced animations than the previous static animation support.


  1. Hi Shai,

    I have some basic programming but a newbie to LWUIT. I understand it's rich in UI controls. But how about if I wanna create a Chessboard with movable pieces?


  2. I wonder how to access the twitter site using lwuit without javascript?
    It would be great if it supports javascript in LWUIT.
    Do you have a roadmap for javascript support?

  3. Hi, where is the Lwuitdemo jar executable?

  4. I'm glad that Oracle didn't "locked" your work, I hope that JavaME will grow up also after oracle acquisition... Actually it seems that this wonderful tech is dying since newer phones doesn't support JavaME and Oracle isn't working so hard to change this.

  5. I didn't say that.
    I said selection (focus/scroll) is on keyPress to improve perceived performance speed. Everything else should be on keyReleased especially menus/navigation!

  6. hi shai, weldone with your work on lwiut it been great. i have a problem ,how do i make html component stop scrolling to the top of a page when it get to the bottom of the page .

  7. Hello Shai,

    We are developing an Application for a number of BlackBerry devices, the Torch being one of them. We are using LWUIT version 1.4.

    The problem is that the UI is unresponsive to touch. Buttons don't click and when a TextField is clicked on, the following error shows..

    "java.lang.IllegalStateException: UI engine accessed without event lock"

    In order to clarify that this isn't an error caused by a background thread trying to access the UI, I developed a simple application with one Form with just two text boxes, and then another application with one For with one button. The errors are still identical in both cases.

    Any clarification with regard to WHY this is happening, and if possible, probable solutions to it would be great!!

    Oh and it works fine on all non-touch devices and touch simulators.

  8. Allot has changed in 1.4 including a much stricter requirement that Display.init() MUST be invoked before anything in LWUIT is used. You can't even construct a Form before Display.init is invoked.

  9. I answered in the forum, you did create LWUIT components before display.init().