Wednesday, December 22, 2010

LWUIT Resource Editor Tutorial Part 7: Localization And Internationalization

In this part of the resource editor tutorial I cover how a user can localize a LWUIT application especially one built with the UI builder but generally this logic can be applied to any application. I also show off some new UI builder features for localization. Specifically the ability to fetch all the keys from the UI and edit localization data directly in the builder tool.


  1. What did you add to show the components from RTL to LTR
    In the video it does not obvious
    I think you put &rtl but it didn't work with me.

  2. Is there any way to embedded flash .swf in lwuit app?

    Not animated image.

  3. Does lwuit still not supporting Arabic Bitmap fonts?

  4. I used @rtl=true
    No SWF isn't supported by MIDP.
    Arabic bitmap fonts will not be supported due to the complexity of character shaping/binding specific to the Arabic language. Use system fonts.