Monday, March 7, 2011

New Project Hierarchy For LWUIT

I haven't posted in a short while because we have some big things coming for LWUIT, I just committed a major restructuring of the LWUIT workspace which essentially moved everything around to more sensible locations. We made a tag just before the move so if you have hard dependencies on the old LWUIT workspace structure you can use that tag.
The new structure makes more sense for LWUIT ports since it removes all the none cross platform (MIDP specific code) from LWUIT and moves it entirely to the ports directory. This allows LWUIT to treat all ports to all platforms on even grounds and simplify the build process for such ports. In the past allot of things such as applications and LWUIT4IO were located under MIDP which made no sense at all (other than historic sense), so now we have two portable projects: UI & IO. Which are actually useless on their own.
You need to pick the specific project for your platform to link against from the ports folder where we have both an IO and a UI project for every supported platform.


  1. I used svn & I find this new structure ..

    but I have some questions

    1-why I used Nokia port (and how) dose native lib of lwuit not enough ?

    2-what the "SE" port?

    3-when we show blackberry port in same native lwuit package..why we are not show also android port?

    android is very important..
    yes I know about Thorsten project but I Suggested make android port also Main line in lwuit project

    best regard
    j2me &lwuit developer
    zad group company

  2. "We made a tag just before the move..."

    Fine. And what is the tag called?

  3. i am agree with hussam.
    Android is now a more important target than blackberry.
    and even than nokia.its the reality of the mobile market


  4. The Nokia port contains special cases, in the future we will add support for the Nokia UI api extensions and right now it includes support for the S60 APN access in LWUIT4IO. Assuming you don't need these (which 98% of our users don't) you can just use MIDP.

    SE means JavaSE - Desktop and potentially CDC.

    Sadly we aren't allowed to even discuss Android right now, my personal device is a Nexus One though and Thorsten's port run's quite well on it. We would love to release an official Android port but the decision is not in our hands.

    The tag is:

    The facebook service was old code lying around on my machine which I accidentally committed during the refactoring. I removed it for now. We will have an official facebook service API probably for a 1.5 release timeframe.

  5. Hi Shai,
    i've opened a couple of bugs on lwuit which mainly concern hebrew/rtl use with lwuit.

    i'de love to discuss those further with you with some more issues.
    if we could get direct IM/email contact going.

    Shai i

  6. In press the big orange button that says Launch.

  7. You need to use the UI_RIM port.

  8. Hi!
    In version 1.4, there is a problem with the textfields and the constraint PASSWORD|NUMERIC on blackberry devices. In addition, there is another bug with the two-letters-per-key keyboards (p.e Blackberry Perl).

    In the following version, will these bugs be fixed?


  9. Text input was changed completely in SVN for blackberries. I have no idea whether a specific problem was resolved or not but I suggest you check and file an issue soon if its still there otherwise it won't get resolved for the next release.

  10. Can someone please tell me when the next stable version of lwuit (maybe 1.5) will be released?

  11. We haven't announced a timeline for the next stable release but we are targeting 2.0 for late May.

  12. You need to use the NewOS or NewOSSigned profiles from the RIM project for this to work as expected.