Tuesday, July 26, 2011

JavaOne 2011 Content Catalog Open: 7 LWUIT sessions/BoF's

Searching through the J1 2011 content catalog for LWUIT produces 7 sessions and BoF's. Surprisingly I didn't even know about most of them and don't know the speakers in quite a few cases.
The one you should probably attend is the one given by Chen and myself 24026 "What's New In LWUIT?". Other than that Ofir & Peter will talk about the LWUIT accessibility effort which is something I haven't talked about much in this blog. Its the effort to make LWUIT usable for people with disabilities ranging from color blindness, blurry vision to blindness etc. Both Peter & Ofir are very engaging speakers and I was personally able to learn quite allot from this important humane effort.

I also have a BoF which I will be presenting with Martin our graphics designer (first time for J1, hell I think this is the first time a designer took the stage at J1), titled Graphics Designer Secrets for Compelling Mobile User Interfaces (20340). In this BoF we will try to bridge the developer-graphics designer gap by showing you how the dynamics and technicalities of the back and forth process between the designer and the developer can become a fertile grounds for innovative UI.

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