Thursday, July 17, 2008

Another great LWUIT Article By Ibon Urrutia

Ibon Urrutia wrote a great LWUIT article at, I'm sure this will soon get to the point where I can't even mention all the major articles on the subject... He did a great job explaining the ideas behind LWUIT and built a cool Mobile 2.0 RSS weather client!
If you want to write articles about LWUIT feel free to ask for help, we will do our best to help and provide as much feedback as possible. Feel free to use the information we supply in this blog and within the developer guide to build your articles and promote LWUIT.


  1. Thank you very much!
    I'm writing second part of that series of articles, trying to explain some advanced features of LWUIT, and I couldn't do it without your great blog.
    I hope that it will be published next month.

  2. Thanks for the article. For the J2ME newbie like me it was very educational,
    although getting kxml2 parser took some time.
    It is November now, and I don't see second article that was promised to appear in September or October,
    I understand that it is because work on TagsME takes a lot of time.
    Good stuff BTW.

  3. Thanks a lot Ibon. your article really helped. I would like to see your second article describing the advanced feature of LWUIT. Am searching for the best portable UI library for j2me from last 2 days. Now it seems I will go ahead with LWUIT.