Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Mobile Critical Mass

Ars is reporting that mobile market is reaching critical mass but what is interesting is the details... People in the US and all over the world are using their phones to get onto the web despite the current terrible experience one gets with mobile web applications. The number one phone used to get onto the web in the US is the RAZR most phones are broken down to small segments which is why iPhone is number 2 it would be way lower in the list if all blackberries were unified to a single statistic...
This is really HUGE for technologies such as LWUIT which enable easy mashups and proper web 2.0 experience with caching etc. on TODAY's devices! Thats the real news, people want a mobile internet today and in far greater numbers than we often associate. Building a LWUIT front end to your web 2.0 property is a very powerful way to communicate with customers everywhere and would reach a much larger target market than any nieche device (such as Android/iPhone).

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