Thursday, September 18, 2008

Cooking With LWUIT: The Movie

As I discussed the other day, Kirill inspired me to adapt the cookbook UI for LWUIT and mobile devices. The fact that it took me so little time and effort to accomplish a great UI mockup is a pretty decent testament to the power and flexibility of LWUIT.
Frankly there is so little work to do here it doesn't really justify too many separate posts... I started off with building a cookbook theme and adding some cut up images into it (pictured on the left) the rest was just creating the appropriate renderers and placing the content into LWUIT. As icing over the top I added some transitions to make everything work as one would expect.

The code is trivial.

Most of the lesson learned is in adapting photoshop design from the web and application world to the world of mobile devices. This mostly consists of removing UI elements and splitting the screen into smaller portions of importance within the application. The initial design didn't have any menus making the adaption even simpler in some cases.

The first video shows the cookbook running on the simulator while the second video here shows this running on a series 40 Nokia device with 2mb of ram.


  1. I'm really impressed. Congratulations for LWUIT library, and please, keep going :-)

  2. can u put the application and theme source files

  3. I'm unclear on whether I'm allowed to use this design since it belongs to the artist who created the application. If you (or anyone) can show me a link where the author says derived work are OK I will be happy to post the code and resource file.

  4. Unfortunately that is Kirill's project, but Kirill doesn't own the right to the design. Kirill took a preexisting well known design off the internet from a contest for a dream application for the Mac.
    So while he owns the rights for his own code, he doesn't own the rights for the artwork or concept and can't relicense them to me.