Thursday, October 30, 2008

Makeover Demo on actual device

The makeover demo is pretty fancy, however despite its eye candy the demo itself is very light.
It doesn't use any background images and most of its effects are very simple/fast. To show this off the demo is running here on a standard S40 device with 2mb of heap, most of the time is spent connecting to the internet to download data. The animations are very smooth, even smoother than the simulator video I posted previously.

I think this demo is a great representation of LWUIT's speed since it doesn't carry the overhead of the images necessary for the other demos. However, it still looks reasonably polished for most intents and purposes.


  1. Thats really impressive,

    can we have the source code for this ? Thanks in advance.


  2. The source has been in the current drop for quite some time.

  3. great,how can we get the code,sir