Thursday, December 4, 2008

Confusing LWUIT Mapping Application

A while back one of the comments to a blog post I wrote pointed to a mapping application claiming it was done in LWUIT, I mostly ignored it because it just didn't seem informed and didn't provide any evidence to the use of LWUIT (the name of the application and its look made it seem like it wasn't using LWUIT)...

I often discount things too quickly without looking into them properly, its a bad trait which I try to avoid but there is just so much noise I need to constantly filter... So Guidebee please take this as an apology, Chen actually did look into that and tried the application and it is a LWUIT application. Thats really cool since it looks very different from many of the LWUIT applications we use all the time. You can try it here and you can watch Guidebees youtube videos page for more videos. Their home page is probably this but I'm not really sure...

As a final note I have to say that the application looks great and such 3rd party applications suddenly coming out of nowhere is one of the best surprises a framework developer can get! Both Chen and I are completely blown away by some of the things you guys have been doing with LWUIT, lots of the stuff we see isn't public yet but the innovation and excitement is real and keeps us going. Thanks.

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