Tuesday, December 23, 2008

New LWUIT Drop Available Now

Chen and myself have been a bit slow with the drops lately, we have been remarkably busy with all the different goings on in LWUIT that we just didn't have the time to stabilize and run through the process of a binary drop.
Well, we made some time this past week and that drop is now out notable changes can be seen in Chen's announcement to the list. One of the nicer things in this drop is the incorporation of the LWUIT makeover demo as part of the drop, it has one major difference from the one Terrence and myself have been showing off which is the lack of icons. I just had to remove them since licensing and rights in Sun is a long and complicated process and I didn't want to go through it just to add some "zaz". You can add them yourselves through the silk icons set which has an amazing set of highly recommended icons.

Other than that Thorsten Schemm has contributed his excellent BlackBerry native port of LWUIT and placed it in the incubator! If you are serious about BlackBerry development you should check it out and collaborate on improving the LWUIT BlackBerry support.


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