Monday, January 12, 2009

LWUIT On TV: The Video

Tamir and Ohad have been working on getting LWUIT onto HDTV for some time now, with Chen's help (and our graphics guy Martin) they developed one of the best looking LWUIT demos out there.
The effect of seeing this on a full screen HDTV and controlling this with the device remote control can't be properly replicated through youtube but at least you can see something...
Everything shown in the video is rendered by LWUIT while in the background a MediaComponent is playing a movie (this ability exists only in the TV version which guarantees that this will work, MIDP makes no such guarantee).
The demo shows a "program guide" application with various features such as built in games etc.
All the widgets shown are LWUIT widgets with background images used to customize them, the LWUIT port is running on top of PBP graphics.
During the demo a PacMan game is shown, this is a port of PacMan to AWT running embedded within LWUIT (demonstrating integration with existing components).

A thing to keep in mind that every frame on this TV needs to push 1920x1080 pixels to the screen... 2 million pixels!
And I still complain over having to push 76 thousand pixels on a typical phone...


  1. I loaded LWIUTDemo and LWUIT-Makeover on my Motorola i365. The programs executed, but didn't render very well. Also the response to button presses was too slow to be useful in a "real" application.

    Are these phones just to underpowered to use LWUIT?

    Has anyone else tried a Motorola iDen phone?

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