Thursday, January 29, 2009

Telmaps Navigator Uses LWUIT

A while back guys from Telmap contacted us regarding the usage of LWUIT in their application, after extensive testing/back and forth with us they are finally getting ready to launch a rather impressive LWUIT application.

Chen and myself were very impressed with some of the visuals associated with their GIS application, they really used alpha blending/z-ordering to the maximum of their capacity on LWUIT. The widgets and animations are practically unrecognizable which is a strong testament to how customizable LWUIT is.
Sadly I could find no video or image that was made public with the press release, I will try to post such information on the blog when it becomes publically available. I'm sure many of you would be inspired with the type of things that are "doable" by tinkering a bit with LWUIT.

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  1. How do I notify the LWUIT community of an application release built on the LWUIT platform?