Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Great Looking Flickr Viewer Demo

A J2ME Developer just wrote to me with this really great looking demo of using LWUIT to communicate with flickr.
The demo shows off lots of the ways in which LWUIT can be easily customized, backgrounds, transitions, theme and menu are all very easy to customize.
The carousel effect is achieved using a horizontal list that has a fisheye render. Some of the great effects are the photos on the cork background that appear in a dialog when selected.

Great job and keep sending to lwuit at sun.com your creations.


  1. Hi Shai,

    Nice video.

    I would have a question about transitions. How do you specify 3D cube or SLIDE transitions for 3 forms in chain?

    The problem is that the form in the middle has the 'in' transtion triggered both when entering from the first (left to right) and also when returning from the third (right to left). How do you declare this? Is there a workaround for this conflict?


  2. I generally recommend using only out transitions unless you "know what your are doing"...

    The LWUIT chat demo source is in the lwuit incubator SVN.

  3. Hi Shai,

    How can I send you our demo application using lwuit.