Tuesday, August 25, 2009

New Stuff In LWUIT

Due to the update on Java.net and various updates going around some news got lost a bit in the past couple of days. Most importantly, we just released LWUIT 1.2.1 which is a bug fix release that addresses some of the issues in the current drop mostly in the Ant task which we have no other way of delivering (since it isn't yet open source).
Another thing that was probably lost is a release of our internal BlackBerry port of LWUIT, based on many fixes from Thorsten Schemm it is still not as mature as his LWUIT-incubator port neither in terms of usage or in terms of stability/functionality. We are working to converge the best approaches from both ports and create a single functional port in the long run.

We will now set our attention towards 1.3, we already have some features planned and we are considering some other ideas. I would personally like to remove some deprecated and no longer supported API's to reduce the size of LWUIT, I already started a bit in that direction and got approximately 15kb less.


  1. Thanks, Shai. This is great. Things I'd like to see in 1.3, in order of importance, are: 1) memory thumbprint improvement, 2) RTL language support, 3) better scrolling.

  2. ... 4. Handling of screen orientation changes, like Nokia E90 has.

  3. Hi
    I understand that there is a change/fix to allow a large image to be loaded and for the image to scroll around based on user input. Where is this and does it support getting teh x and y values of a key press on the image in a may similiar to a javascript imagemap. Great application BTW


  4. What is the status of a functional textfield on the Blackberry?
    So far, LWUIT applications that need text fields on a Blackberry, was useless, because the q, w, and o, p keys mapped to Blackberry keys.

    The "port" seemed to only have removed some classes to fix a compatibility problem, and didn't seem to address the text field issues on Blackberry at all.

    Please tell me I'm wrong and that textfields on Blackberries are completely usable and functional...

  5. Why com.sun.lwuit.Command has lost its icon property? Is there any way to assign an icon to a Command now? I miss it for the menus.

    Thanks for your help.

  6. @Diego: we use command icons all the time and haven't removed that property. You need to pass the icon in the constructor as always (this was unchanged check SVN).

  7. @diarmuid: There is no need for such a change. Just use the motion madness code from this blog for something in that vain, you get the position of the pointer press/release for mapping to areas.

  8. Thanks guys,
    Please improve motioning, like on the polish project and easing them for better quality animations and othe i think how was good that can be container s like form can be added to anothe container like other form!!!!

  9. Hi,

    I have an issue with Combobox in lwuit v1.3 where as the same code is working fine in v1.0. The selector is not visible in the list of the combobox.Can any one please tell how can i change the ComboBox popupdialog+list selector Style....

  10. Focus component behavior changed allot in the LWUIT versions between and we introduced a completely separate UIID for the focus animated background.