Friday, August 7, 2009

MajiPlayer 2.x The Best Just Got Frigging Insane

The majimob applications are demos we often use to show off how far LWUIT can go on everyday devices, media applications such as MajiPlayer are always great demos even when they are badly done... However, in this case I think majimob didn't just outdo itself but rather outdid anything I ever saw even in dedicated media devices. Just check out the demo video to your right and try it for yourself on devices by going to with your device!

I tried it on our S40 2mb device and it worked GREAT! REALLY fast!
It crashed in 3D mode when entering the "all" song categories on that device but as the guys from majimob say, there is a limited amount of what can be done with that amount of RAM...

I also tried it on touch devices and the feel is superior to every player I ever tried except for maybe that one... But when you add up features like OTA seamless free synchronization etc. you end up with a pretty compelling piece of software.

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