Thursday, August 13, 2009

Unique LWUIT Quran Application

Fahad from Guided Ways wrote to us and the mailing list with some images and screenshots of the Quran reading application displayed to the right (don't be confused by the Java FX logo, this is a LWUIT application).
The user interface and feature set of the application is truly unique and shows just how deeply LWUIT can be customized. Fahad has also signed the LWUIT SCA document and intends to contribute some of his changes to LWUIT back to the community. I have no idea if changes would make it back to LWUIT itself but even if they don't they would be published for people to improve on and use.

I have seen quite a few applications of this type and have to admit that my expectations were pretty low for the UI. However, Fahad has been very successful in creating a truly unique and immersive look for the application that should inspire people of all faiths.


  1. Hello Shai,
    Good Evening,I have implemented LWUIT in my mobile application sucessfully,I used canvaswrapper and all LWUIT documentation.I am very happy to say this.All my joyness is because of your post and discussion only..Thanks .Then one thing that I would like to use logging framework in LWUIT.I have red about Logging in developer guide.but I could didn't get some points,please explain me about logging framework...Have a good day

    P.Marimuthu Udayakumar.

  2. hi Shai,
    can we directly write application with beautiful arabic font like that application (uQuran) using LWUIT? or we need to create custom font first?


  3. @Marimuthu: I don't understand what wasn't clear?

    @hakim: Custom fonts will not work for arabic, system fonts will and the fonts in the demo are what the simulator offers.

  4. Hello Shai,

    I am trying to use custom fonts for my LWUIT application. I am using Devnagri. But my fonts on the interface seems to be overlapping can you suggest me what can i do more?

  5. Sorry I don't know anything about Devnagri writing.

  6. HI Shai,
    Thanks for sharing the tutorials on Lwuit, Your blogs helps us a lot in understanding the LWUIT.

    in one of our project we are trying to load Chines char set of size 40k, but we are getting out of memory exception at the time of loading,

    We are trying to understand if LWUIT supports this many characters. We understand their is limited memory available on devices.

    Please provide your inputs on this. we are using LWUIT 1.4,