Wednesday, September 30, 2009

LWUIT Virtual Keyboard - by Chen Fishbein

Touch devices are relatively a new trend in mobile and almost every manufacturer has released a Touch device lately.
Although LWUIT supports touch events out of the box, there are a few things you need to consider when you develop for a touch screen device.
One of the major issues is the device Virtual Keyboard, every device has it's own Virtual Keyboard and there is no standard API to popup the device Virtual Keyboard.
In the past year we got tons of requests to create a LWUIT virtual keyboard, so expect to see this as part of LWUIT 1.3 (the code is already committed to the workspace, so if you work directly with the sources you can see the code already there).

To use the Virtual Keyboard call:


This implementation provides some basics input modes such as "Qwerty, symbols and numbers", but a developer can extend this easily and add his own input mode including different languages.


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  2. vkbClass = Class.forName("MyVK");

    but in S60 dont work...

  3. Shai,
    could you paste some code example of Virtual Keyboard using?

    I am using LWUIT 1.3 and I am not suceeding.