Wednesday, February 10, 2010

LWUIT Running On The HTC HD2 Device

The thing that the video can't really convey is just how smooth the device feels to the touch, its fast and responds immediately just like you would expect from such a device and from LWUIT.


  1. Looks nice! Which Java runtime is the HD2 using and ist it running with the standard MIDP LWUIT implementation?

  2. I have no idea which VM this was. The VM guys kept replacing the VM and we have several such devices in the office (I suspect it was not the default).
    One of the things Chen & I forgot to show off is the fact that it supports full rotation and you can just turn the device on its side and even upside down. Very cool.
    If we get the device back I will try and show it with some real apps, right now you can catch a glimpse of it at our booth in MWC and possibly meet Ofir, Yoav, Yaniv etc..