Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Musix To Our Ears

The Israeli operator Pelephone has been offering the Musix music service developed by TriPlay for a while now. The service is essentially an OTA "all you can eat" music store for roughly 5 USD per month, you can listen to all your music over the web or through your mobile phone and download everything to your device.
After developing the initial application with all the effort involved TriPlay in collaboration with majimob, shifted the entire application code base to LWUIT thus gaining support for practically every JavaME device available including touch support, qwerty, rotation, multi-resolutions & BlackBerry/Android device support.
There will hopefully be allot of news from TriPlay in this regard in the next few months and I hope to discuss them in the near future, I also hope to cover some of the other cool LWUIT applications we get to see here and there but its difficult to get permissions/videos etc. for everything.
The videos you can see show the English version of the application running in the simulator demonstrating the "shopping" experience as well as the playback and download (media is downloaded once and not streamed). Notice that even in the English version of the application the content is mostly in Hebrew since its targeted at the Israeli market for the most part. The second video shows the application running on the relatively old F480 Samsung touch device with some of the newer LWUIT touch related features such as the VKB, touch menus etc.
I apologize for my unstable hand during the shooting of the second video ;-)

Pelephone is inadvertently a major LWUIT innovator since most of their flagship products are based on LWUIT: Telmap Navigator (very cool new version!), emoze and now Musix.

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