Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Feedback On The Release/Features Of LWUIT 1.4

We are looking for feedback on release 1.4 of LWUIT for internal promotion within Oracle, we might try to form a more organized survey for a later date but right now we want to get general abstract impressions.
Have you updated to 1.4, if not when do you plan to do this? What features of 1.4 do you like? Which features are you using? Where do you see LWUIT going for the next version? What would you like to see in LWUIT?
Feel free to rant and provide abstract thoughts/context.



  1. hi Shai,

    They are some features working right in lwuit 1.3 but not in 1wuit 1.4...

    like scroll to select & Arabic text have not embed-ed right in text area & I find the scroll in text area when it rich to end back automatically to up but I can't stop that!!

    The jar in lwuit 1.4 is big..& lwuit 1.3 feeling it faster

    we want more high performance in next variation

    Iam update to lwuit 1.4 but back agin to lwuit 1.3!!!

  2. I think LWUIT is great. I'm a swing developer and it was VERY easy to learn so far. Here's what I'd like to see

    1) LWUIT integrated into J2ME
    2) Calendar control - multi-date select.
    3) Date field - acts like a combobox with a calendar as the dropdown.
    4) Better combobox support
    A) type-ahead searchable Y|N,
    B) allow user entry (not in the list) Y|N
    Support AB YY YN NY NN
    5) Use of virtual keyboard selectable on/off on a TextField level. Need to turn it off in some cases.

  3. LWUIT is great.
    I would like to see the tree component more like the desktop windows/gnome trees, visually and functionally.
    Great Job :)

  4. Hi Shai,
    I have updated to 1.4 and i love the HTMLComponent widget.though i think the table needs a bit of improvemnt like freezing header when scrolling,ability to grow dynamically eg like the addrow method of JTable without changing the model.
    But so far Long live LWUIT

  5. Hi, Shai,
    I would love to have LWUIT support javascript, since LWUIT already have HTMLControls, but without javascript support, the HTMLControl is quite limited.

  6. Hi Shai
    great job, i really hope to fix some bugs in the next release
    1- list scrolling when the form has other components with the list the list is hanging.
    2- dialogs have problems with multi threads.
    3- fixed length lists, some times we need the list to have variable item length and i need to use list not containers because the list has too many items.

  7. Hi Shai,
    I started using LWUIT from the version 1.4 so can't say about pros and cons of 1.4 over 1.3. But I would like to see some improvements in 1.4 as follows
    (Correct me if I am wrong)
    1. Calendar does not have methods to extract date, month, year separately.
    2. Complete calendar can be shown in the form of three comboboxes
    3. I could not use Virtual Keyboard with TextArea - this will be helpful
    5. If by mistake anyone scrolls TextField then ArrayIndexOutOfBoundException occurs
    6.When Tab has scrollable container - whole tab has got scrolled with that scrolll. In Ideal scenario Tabs should be constant

    Hope this will be helpful in improving LWUIT

  8. Hi Shai, I am using lwuit for last 1 year and I found it very interesting and useful. Time to time you guys delivering what we supposed to get it and feel like getting a free meal on every month. We are using all features of LWUIT UI.

    I personally feel like lwuit has to improve some areas like memory management of html control, PeerComponent drawing abilities etc.

    Because i want to include blackberry ad control which is a native one into my lwuit form and the control not getting displayed.

    Shai >> if you have a solution for this, please let me know.

    Great work till now, i am giving my 10/10 marks to the lwuit team.

    Fremy Jose
    Vaayoo Inc