Sunday, May 29, 2011

Preview Of The New LWUIT Friends t-Zone Demo

This demo is coming soon, full source code and everything. It doesn't really have much source code since the whole thing was created in the GUI builder with very little code. I hope to also create a tutorial showing off exactly how this demo was made.
BTW If you have a stack overflow account please go to this question and vote up my answer, its amazing how the worst possible LWUIT screenshots could be picked off this blog... Frankly its also a bit of my fault since finding proper screenshots of newer applications (not videos) is a bit hard. I should get on to that.


  1. Yep! Bring on the code and the tutorial.

  2. the ui builder version dont seem to work on the android port or something im doing wrong?

  3. ahh no worries.. some version conflicts it seems .. keep up the wonderful work !
    its strange i write here as last resort & the issue somehow solves itself in the next couple of hrs :)