Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Play It Again LWUIT

The next version of LWUIT will completely replace the way to interact with media and supersede it with our own API's. When we initially introduced LWUIT's MediaComponent, MIDP was the major target for LWUIT and blackberry support was on top of MIDP.
Since then we had Thorsten porting LWUIT to RIM/Android and introduced ports to TV, Java SE etc. MMAPI isn't available on all of those platforms.

This called for a rethinking of our approach to media and so we introduced VideoComponent which uses the peer component architecture to embed a video into LWUIT. Unlike the older MediaComponent code there is no need for MMAPI know how or any information on the underlying playback. Just use a URL or stream+mime type to playback any video file.

Audio is integrated even deeper right into the Display class with methods to create an audio stream and play it. The main feature here is automatic resource cleanup which is a frequent problem with audio files (neglecting to close an audio resource properly is a big portability issue). LWUIT automatically closes resources as necessary in a way that is completely seamless for the developer, again with no need to know anything about MMAPI or the platform native implementation.

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