Wednesday, June 29, 2011

FYI: Swimming Servers

It seems the servers are in the process of taking a swimming lesson at their data center, hopefully they are wearing their floating devices... The center is flooded and itself is down.

Anyway the forum/svn/website/issue tracker etc. are all down for now with no definite ETA, if this continues for too long we will try to setup a contingency plan for an alternate website to host all of the material (source/resource editor etc.). For now you can use for support (make sure to tag your questions as lwuit) as well as this blog.


  1. It sounds crazy. How come a data center can be flooded

  2. No idea. But I'm guessing a burst pipe, they usually have water cooling in these data centers.
    Site seems to be back up though so someone must have spent the night with a hair dryer ;-)
    Kudos to them.