Monday, June 6, 2011

LWUIT Timeline Tutorial Video Part One

This one required tremendous amounts of work to make and I still didn't finish. Since its quite a long video I have some doubts on whether people will have the energy to watch it all the way through and follow up to part two.
This actually goes most of the way in creating the theme for the t-zone demo (which is now in the LWUIT SVN), if I do the second part it will continue from where I left off all the way to creating the actual code backing this.

BTW I uploaded a new binary of the resource editor today, this new version includes theme templates based both on this theme and on the Tipster demo theme. Check them out and please improve your UI designs accordingly ;-)


  1. Shai, small question. I have created a form that extends the LWUIT form and implements a handler for google maps. Is there a way to get this in the Resource Editor as a FORM.

  2. You can't at the moment import source code into the resource editor.

  3. Brilliant! I have downloaded the new Resource Editor. What I am battling now is how to implement waitscreens/Wait Dialogs for background processes like the way there is a 'Please wait' Dialog during RSS Retrieval. Could you explain/help please?

  4. Use the same approach as you would with a splash screen.
    Create a form/dialog and define for it a "Next Form". This triggers a call to the method UIBuilder.processBackground() on a separate thread and you can override processBackground to do whatever you want. When the method returns the next form is shown.
    Notice the default behavior of processBackground is to just sleep for 3 seconds which is useful for debugging.
    I need to create some more "real world" examples that illustrate things like that...