Monday, August 22, 2011

Fixing Netbeans RIM Integration On Windows 7 And Vista

For some reason which is entirely unclear to me the guys who implemented Netbeans RIM integration chose to copy the resulting COD files from the dist directory to the RIM program files directory effectively breaking this integration for newer MS OS's which fixed the faulty behavior of a user writeable program files directory.
The problem is that the error you get is misleading, it claims that the directory is read only and when trying to change the read-only status windows "seems" to do some work but fails. The reason for the problem is permissions and fixing this problem is actually quite easy once you understand that.

First go to the Program Files directory (or Program files x86 for 64 bit machines) and select the RIM directory.

Right click and select properties, go to the security tab and click edit.

Select your user name from the list and check the allow for all the boxes, click OK for all the dialogs (this will take a bit of time since the operation is recursive).


  1. This is a worth while fix, i encountered this problem some days ago and had to google this fix. However i think what is more needed for RIM integration on Netbeans is screen shots for the steps to run a "CLDC" application like the LWUITDemoRIM.

  2. Running a CLDC app is relatively simple see:

    For older RIM devices you must use the Legacy JAR's (not the NewOS or NewOSSigned versions) the demos work just fine on devices with OS 4.2 or newer, just use the proper jars.

  3. That's quite odd, tactile touch and tensile drag should work fine for RIM touch devices. Unfortunately I had to return our QA device to the operator who gave it to us so I can't confirm this on the device proper, how is this issue expressed specifically?
    Are both flags at fault or just one of them? Is it only on a RIM device?
    Can it be reproduced in a J2ME simulator or the RIM simulator?