Wednesday, August 31, 2011

LWUIT Hands On Lab For Java One

I got tasked with writing a Hands On Lab (HoL) for JavaOne about LWUIT. For those of you who haven't been to a JavaOne (or Java Developer Day) HoL's are generally a bootcamp like class where you get your feet wet building a quick and dirty demo with a tool to get a feel of the tool.
I already wrote a HoL for LWUIT a while back but it was before the GUI builder was ready and it required internet connectivity to actually work & provide value. The problem with the latter portion is that the internet connectivity might be flaky on people's laptops when everyone tries to reach webservice X in a crowded conference.

So I'm working on a long overdue lab rewrite that will incorporate the latest and greatest resource editor GUI builder and LWUIT 1.5. Generally I would like to create something that is simple yet elegant and I will try to post most of the "how to" in the blog, to actually learn first hand from Chen and myself you would need to actually attend the lab.
If you have any ideas which are simple enough for a first time mobile developer to implement and still show value without an internet connection (we can use some mockups etc. to get the point across) then feel free to post suggestions because I'm somewhat stumped with ideas.


  1. LWUIT4IO please. I've never seen any detail tutorial for it.

  2. LWUIT 1.5 right? We your fans in Nigeria are looking forward to it! Please include how to use the DATA tab in the Resouce Editor as well, i.e. make sure the 'dirty demo' uses some pre-added data.

  3. Just place any arbitrary file into the data section and you can access it as an input stream using getData()