Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Major LWUIT Developer Purchased For 300M USD

Telmap was just purchased by Intel for the sum of 300,000,000, they haven't made an announcement though. While a huge portion of their effort is the server side and that deserves a great deal of their value, I can't think of a single company who bet more heavily on LWUIT.
In a recent visit to their headquarters they showed us pretty spectacular things such as their LWUIT port to native Windows Phone 7 and a tool that allows them to modify and preview resource files on devices. Very cool.
Telmap adopted LWUIT at a time when it had a fraction of the features it had today and used it to get their applications UI far and wide into the devices of the world. Their Android port is based entirely on LWUIT and the work from Thorsten and their RIM port as well.
Telmap has also made one of the most elaborate LWUIT source contributions for RTL (right - to left, bidi) support, displaying their faith in the open source model and giving back to the community.

Congratulations guys on a well deserved exit and recognition of your efforts!

Update: The story has made it to the usual guys, here is an English article in Slashgear. BTW I neglected to mention that during our visit to Telmap headquarters we talked quite a bit about their future and past with LWUIT. The technical guys were very bullish on LWUIT and indicated that they have no intention of shifting direction. They claim that they save a fortune in maintenance costs by focusing on a single code base, their mobile team is indeed quite small relatively to the complexity of their application and the amounts of platforms supported.

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