Friday, September 30, 2011

My Music Cloud Finally Available

Remember Triplay? They guys behind the musix application. They are back now with My Music Cloud, a music service similar in a way to Google Music effort with a few advantages such as being available internationally on all devices etc.
The service essentially downloads music to the device from the cloud server and allows you to purchase additional music directly to the cloud server.

The entire application is based on LWUIT with the exception of the iPhone port. The J2ME, Blackberry & Android versions of the application were implemented using the LWUIT GUI builder.

Unlike the musix application which was operator bound you can check the MMC application right now by going to their website right now and following the instructions to try out this application.

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  1. @Ajibola the blackberry version is a different binary. Debugging issues on RIM is a hell onto itself, its simulator is slow and problematic and its API's are even worse. There is no need to build a separate code base since things won't get any better.
    The advantage of using LWUIT on the blackberry is that you can do most of your development without touching that horrible simulator.

    @Dayah the HOL took me forever to write and I only got in half of what I wanted to get in there. I didn't even get theme editing in there!
    There is a sample of the XML parser in the RSSReaderService code in LWUIT4IO (the IO project in SVN) but it uses the event based parser which is arguably more complex. The DOM parser is simpler its just one method and returns an element with children. That should be really easy to use.