Monday, October 10, 2011

Back From J1 2011

JavaOne 2011 is finally over, its been a hectic week for us both because of the cramped timeline (we had to hurry back home due to complex holiday logistics) and because of the huge distance between my hotel and the venue.

By all accounts this years J1 was bigger & better than last years although it wasn't the same as the old J1 in moscone. Hopefully the trend of improvement will persist to next year and the conference will be restored to its former glory.

Despite the relatively weak attendance in the the mobility track and our own session (which had problematic scheduling) the BoF I had with Martin (in the picture above you see from left to right, Martin, myself & Chen) was pretty full. The hands on lab was also full although it was mired by an admin choosing to randomly reboot peoples PC's while they were working and problematic lab setup. Since we arranged this lab as a sort of last minute thing its amazing  that we got it off the ground and even had a decent attendance.

Martin & Chen created a pretty cool demo for our BoF, when I get the time I will clean it up and create something more robust based on it. Right now my desk is full with so many tasks postponed to "after" JavaOne.

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