Wednesday, November 17, 2010

LWUIT Resource Editor Tutorial Part 3: Ratios 1

In this part of the LWUIT resource editor tutorial I demonstrate how I created the Ratio's demo based on Michael Ruhlman's excellent Ratio iPhone/Android applications (more info at
This demo shows how one can take a real world application and replicate its UI/functionality rapidly in LWUIT to get it running on all devices.
This tutorial is divided into several parts due to the video length  limitation of Youtube and to make it easier to watch in parts.
I'm working on transcribing the videos since my accent is problematic for many people, it takes me a very long time to transcribe though so if anyone can do this fast it would be helpful (the automatic tools don't understand me either...).


  1. Hi excellent tutorial again.
    Maybe you could help me with the following: I want to create a toolbar like the one in the browser demo in lwuit. Some how I cannot add buttons to the container that should be the toolbar.
    Do you know how to create toolbar like that using the Resource Editor

  2. Just use box layout Y in a container and drag buttons into the toolbar. Set their icons using the combo box to whatever you want.
    If you want to reuse this toolbar across forms just create it as a standalone container and it will appear at the bottom of the screen for you to drag into a form as one of the standard components.

  3. Thank you, it works.

    Next problem I am facing is that I do not now how to get the handle to different components in my subclassed class. e.g.
    When I have created a form with a list on it. How do i get a handle to that list and manipulate it.

    Is it possible to set the sample you are showing now online?