Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Second Part of The New Resource Editor Tutorial

So far so good, another part of the resource editor tutorial has made its way up to youtube.... In this part I try to take a step back and cover some basics of what is a theme and how to apply it, I go over some of the basics of what is a selector and how to determine a value for it.


  1. Very impressive stuff! I started using the UI builder to quickly produce a mockup of a new project I'm working on. I'm wondering, though, if this will work with the Blackberry port yet (I assume not).

  2. Thanks, yes it will work on the blackberry as well as Android port or any other LWUIT port.

  3. Hi Shai,Great work,actually i m new to resource editor i have design few forms i just want to know what is statemachine and statemachinebase class,should we write code in Midlet class or in statemachine we call particular form or component from statemachinebase class.where we add listeners in statemachine class or elsewhere.