Sunday, November 21, 2010

LWUIT Resource Editor Tutorial Part 4: Ratios 2

In this second part of the ratios tutorial I go on with customizing the result to produce something that's closer in resemblance to the final result and pretty much finish the first two forms. The last remaining form is the tabs form in the demo.
Notice that the ratio application UI is designed for the iPhone hence it has no focus behavior or anything of that type. A real world application targeting devices that support none-touch input as well would also add selected styles to the mix.
In part 3 I hope to conclude the demo although I might use the ratio demo some more to demonstrate some features of the resource editor such as localization and some more advanced themeing/animations.


  1. Where can I download this version of the resource editor? The one that comes with LWUIt 1.4 is not like this.

  2. Great, it works! (I was missing a default public constructor.) Thanks!

  3. By the way, I'm excited about the latest stuff vprise has added/fixed in the resource/theme editor. Any chance, though, that he could elaborate a little more on his release notes? Where he says

    'Added the ability to generate a netbeans project and bind to such a project on the fly thus allowing the resource editor UI builder to "jump" directly into the proper source file/line and update the file with the proper method callbacks.'

    What exactly will this do to my netbeans project, what will get modified and how? It sounds like it could be a very handy, time saving way to integrate the resource editor into nb projects, but I'm wary of using this feature without understanding more explicitly what it will do.

  4. In the past we had a tool for on device automated testing as a part of LWUIT but it broke when we made major architectural changes to LWUIT. We didn't restore it since it wasn't in heavy demand at the time.

    What I really want is on device automated testing which is far more useful than anything we can do in the resource editor.