Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Location Based Cross Platform Game In LWUIT

I have been negligent in posting about cool new LWUIT app's mostly because I have so much to do, however Chen insisted I post about Tourality and I agree it is different. Its a location based game written for all platforms with LWUIT, it runs on Android, Blackberry & J2ME. The upcoming iPhone version probably won't be based on LWUIT though ;-)
In the words of its author: "Tourality is a location based scavenger hunt game. Reach geographic spots in different challenges in your vicinities. Collect gold to outsmart your co-players with gadgets but beware of thieves. Play alone or with others in multiplayer games with up to 40 players. Choose from various game sets in your city. Discover the action-packed outdoor GPS game and register for free at Supported smartphone platforms include Android, BlackBerry, Nokia, iPhone (in development)."

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