Wednesday, January 19, 2011

LWUIT Resource Editor PSD Tutorial Part 1: Introduction

I'm starting here a new mini tutorial on taking a PSD and converting it to a LWUIT application, this is a very useful talent for a developer since graphics artists would often produce a Photoshop PSD and expect you to develop from it.
Its also useful since there are many free PSD resources on the web from which you can pick up existing designs, even designs originally designed for web which is exactly what I did... I picked a design from this site whichI found here. There are MANY free design resources you can find and leverage over the web and many Photoshop tutorials, by combining your technical skills with very minimal access to these UI tools you can produce remarkable UI's.


  1. Hi,

    Could some one help me out with a small sample what to put into the initvars method.
    I just do not know how to start everything..

    Tried serveral things but all the components and the getResFilePath always return null.


  2. Just use an empty method.
    I made it abstract to draw attention to it. The reason is that the constructor is often initialized too late and initVar's is actually invoked BEFORE the constructor is initialized...

  3. Shai, But where do i load a dynamic list for instance then when i have a list on a form?
    Not in initvars?

  4. initVar's happens once for the entire application. Initialize the list either before showing the form or by overriding setListModel().

  5. Thanks, it gonna be very useful

  6. hi shai u doing a great job with this, keep it up. Please i want to know how to load an html file bundled together in the generated project in the html component of the resource editor

  7. Look at the source code to the HTML demo in the LWUIT demo which does just that.

  8. hi shai u doing a great great job.i need how to get the selected radio button plz.