Monday, January 31, 2011

New Resource Editor (change your URL's) & Kenai updates

We are trying to get up to speed with Kenai, allot of the functionality is lost or very different so we currently don't have many of the things we used to have like the customized home page or the featured apps page. But at least we now have the new version of the resource editor launchable again.
Since the SVN changed (make sure to update to the new LWUIT SVN!!!!), the URL's for the resource editor webstart application have also changed and we can no longer deliver updates on the old URL. Please use the following button to launch the new resource editor:

If you are experiencing troubles with the above link (e.g. if you disabled Java in your browser) you can use the jnlp directly.


  1. I have created a Form using the new LWUIT GUI Builder webstart version (e.g. Layouts, Buttons, Colours etc.)
    I'm not using Netbeans but Eclipse.
    How can I access the form I made from my code?

    Thanks for your time!

  2. We don't have Eclipse integration yet, the main problem is that Chen and I haven't used Eclipse for J2ME development in years. I'm just not really sure whats the "right thing" to do.
    Anyway, if you have any concrete insights on the matter feel free to open an RFE in our issue tracker. What we need for proper integration:
    1. Project structure.
    2. How would a project targeting multiple platforms be laid out (keep both RIM and J2ME support).
    3. Template of such a project (for classpaths etc.)
    4. IDE command lines to:
    a. import a new project
    b. open a source file to a specific line of code

  3. Hi,

    When I'm clicking the "Launch" button to launch the Resource Editor tool a pop-up window gets displayed with the following message: "Unable to launch application".

    You have any idea what is wrong?

    Is there any other way to launch this version of the Resource Editor tool?

    Thanks in advance!

  4. Is there a way I can download it for offline use ?

  5. I think this is broken again. I have been developing intensively for the past weeks and just now after rebooting I went to open the Resource Editor and it automatically started downloading a new version. When it finished, it wouldn't start up.

  6. Dear could you please brief step by step how to download new Resource Editor for GUI Development. I am stuck even i am unable to start java web start version is giving me error again and again. Unable to Launch Application.

  7. If you read everything from the latest and greatest you will notice instructions to check out the full binary version from SVN without webstart.

  8. Dude this is hell of blog !!! keep up your good works man :)

  9. I am struggling with LWUIT's latest Resource Editor's theme for the past 3 weeks :( I could download and install the latest Resource Editor and also made a theme but this theme does not load up in my application, however the theme created from Resource Editor found in util folder works perfectly and I can apply any theme created with it. Both the themes (one created from older and one from newer version of Resource Editor) are located within the same folder. I tried everything from A to Z in Ubuntu as well as in Windows. I use LWUIT 1.4 library.

    Here is my source code:

    After searching for three weeks at last I decided to comment on your blog..
    (MIDP 2.0 and 2.1 app)
    Is anything wrong?

  10. You MUST use the latest SVN sources in order to load a resource file created with the latest resource editor. We are working on getting a new binary release out the door but this process is just impossibly slow.

  11. Without further information on what went wrong I can't even begin guessing. LWUIT 1.5 is very different from 1.4 let alone 1.3 so pretty much anything could happen.

  12. We don't use the RIM JDE or Eclipse so I can't help you there although I understood people got them both to play nice with LWUIT.
    See this on how to use Netbeans with RIM which is how we do it:

  13. I think the current version has an issue with netbeans on the Mac due to the .app file structure. My local version fixes it so I'll try to update it at some point in the future.

    I haven't ran into that particular issue, when you say export I'm guessing you mean generate netbeans project right?
    Are you using 1.5 or webstart?
    Please open the java console and try to provide me with a stack for the issue.

  14. how to override createCommandComponent(Vector commands);
    and how to set padding and spacing to the commands in the menu.I am struck with this issue.


  15. I am using LWUIT 1.4.

    Will this editor work with that? Has any part of the resource file changed? If so, what parts?

  16. @mamatha The best way is to derive the MenuBar class and override createCommandComponent there. Use the LookAndFeel to set the class of the newly derived menu bar. This requires 1.5 or newer.

    @Unknown the new resource editor requires 1.5 or newer.