Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Mini Tutorial On Editing a Theme Attribute

Theme attributes and UIID's are some of the more challenging aspects of creating a theme. In this tutorial we try to break down the elements that can be customized for every component within the theme dialog.


  1. Great!!!...

    I have a question regrading commands in lwuit..when i run a command an get the output it actually run the code 3 times and return me 3 outputs..Is this a problem with my emulator?..

    P.S. :In my command code i access web service methods.


  2. I haven't ran into the problem of a command happening more than once. If it possible you register command handling in more than once place?

    I'm not a license expert but as far as I can tell there shouldn't be a problem to use the code.

  3. Sorry Shai...It was my bad..i had put commandlistner 3 times mistakenly in the form..So it made it run 3 times..BTW Thanx for the tip..keep up the good work..

  4. Morning ,
    Please I have one problem with the use of result of LWUIT Editor into Netbeans. When I Generate a Netbeans Project, I don't reach to execute a sub-project MIDP. One error is that it can't find .jad of my project. Help me please.

  5. Make sure you are running the MIDP specific version and you are able to compile the base project. Make sure your platform section in the project properties is valid and all optional packages are checked as well as MIDP 2.0/CLDC 1.1 selected.

  6. great work with lwuit

    sorry about this, after developing lwuit midp application . this is not working properly in big mobile screens images showing like small on left only after i tried with centre then also change please any one help me.....

    srikanth chowdary

  7. Basically I developed mobile application with lwuit .for basic mobile. but in large qwerty(large) device showing small image how enlarge my application and How to expand the image size in the mobile application

  8. LWUIT is designed to run on all resolutions. Check out all our demos which work great in high resolution devices such as NexusOne (800x480) etc.
    Without further information its hard for me to tell what you did wrong so have a look in our code/gui and see what we did differently.

  9. I am using LWUIT RESOURCE 1.5 and trying to add colour in CHECKBOX but unable since there is no CHECKBOX in COMPONENT in the resource so please guide me how to add colour in CHECKBOX via the resource.